Week Commencing 12th February 2018

16th Feb 2018 |

Convoys of horseboxes were on site midweek, as Wednesday and Thursday saw the Level 2 and Level 3 Pony racing training days held here at the BRS. These days aim to further the experience of up and coming young riders, at the grassroots of our sport. Evidence of Pony Racing’s success can be seen on the racetracks up and down the country with previous Pony Racers including the likes of Tom Marquand and James Bowen. It is very easy to get in to, all you need is a pony and to enjoy the thrill of the ride – it helps if your pony is speedy too…


This week also saw us host our monthly Open Day. It is always a really enjoyable day for those of us who host the day as well as the attendees. This particular Open Day saw us take an extensive tour of Newmarket’s training grounds voiced by our very own fabulous tour guide Peter Williams – more on him a little later. This was then followed by our tour of Somerville Lodge, home to Mr William Haggas, trainer to Her Majesty the Queen. We were blessed with wonderful weather and are looking forward to our next Open Day held on Saturday 24th March.


We would like to wish the enigmatic Peter Williams the best of luck in his quest to secure a Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Award, with the awards night being held on Monday in London. Peter is a font of all knowledge when it comes to the history of Newmarket – undoubtedly his Mastermind specialist subject I am sure… But more than that, his charisma, youthful charm and passion for our sport lights up the day of all who are graced with his presence. Good luck, Peter!