Week Commencing 1st January 2018

5th Jan 2018 |

Christmas and New Year was all action here at the BRS. As unlike any other schools we don’t have an extended break and the school remains open. With horses still to care for and ride we had both Course 316 and 317 here over the festive period, but they had a Christmas to remember. Christmas Day began with hot chocolate and muffins as the trainees awoke, followed by the fabulous Christmas dinner prepared by our kitchen staff. The students had their presents and a range of festive games in the afternoon to cap off what I’m sure they will all mark as a memorable Christmas. A week later and the students were up to see in 2018 with nibbles and bucks fizz, all making resolutions for the New Year – how they are going we are not quite sure…

It might be a New Year, but traditions are traditions and end of course rituals have been taking place including the first Bake Off of the year for Course 316 who leave us on Monday. You could have been mistaken for thinking it was a Chow Mein Off with 2 of the 5 dishes on offer being Chow Mein – one of the cheeky variety and the other charming apparently… Pataks would have been proud of the curry produced. The remaining 2 dishes were of the pudding variety: one brownie with a homemade caramel sauce; the other Dropped Scones. Parents of Course 316 you will be proud when you see the delights they produced in Monday’s graduation where the winner will be revealed.

Thursday afternoon played host to Course 316’s Best Turned Out horse competition. The horses chosen were Lily Eva, McBirney and Humbie. The dismal weather really didn’t help the trainee’s hard work; but, when all is said and done, there can only be one winner. This time around, Lily Eva scooped the prize with Jodie, Rochelle and Maddie. Well done team!

Congratulations to the winning team pictured above.

We look forward to welcoming Course 318 on Monday following Course 316’s graduation ceremony. The wheels keep turning…