Week Commencing 20th November

24th Nov 2017 |

This week at The BRS we hosted the first of our two scheduled Pre-Season Point-to-Point training days. The day began with an induction followed by a series of fall training exercises. Beginning in the classroom, students were shown the art of falling – if such a thing exists – and used gym balls to help perfect their technique before moving on to our mechanical fall training simulator. Not all managed such success as they had in the classroom initially, but by the time the session ended they had been successfully deposited numerous times and had fine-tuned their falls as a result. It gave a whole new meaning to falling with style.

Later in the day, the group had the privilege of a session with former Great Britain Eventing coach, Yogi Breisner. Poise, position and balance were on Yogi’s agenda as he watched and tutored the hopefuls over the schooling fences we have here at the BRS. Advice was given each time the students returned from navigating the obstacles, allowing them to build on their already solid foundations each time. The horses and riders both performed admirably. I’m sure all will be watching on for the first meeting of the Point-to-Point season at Barbury this coming Sunday. For those interested, our next Pre-Season training day is December 13th.

This week also saw the final week of our Apprentice Licence Course, culminating in their final assessment yesterday. This comprised of them dealing with a dummy run of a real race situation. A makeshift starter and stalls team were on hand to load the students into the stalls. The “Blinds Off” call was given and they were away, having to follow precise instructions from Richard Perham regarding the tactics of what to do with their mounts. The assessment was a success and we look forward to seeing some of their faces on race day in the future.

Finally, we want to wish the Godolphin Flying Start group a huge Good Luck, as they embark on the next leg of their international journey by flying to Kentucky in the coming weeks. We’ve really enjoyed having you – keep in touch!