Week Commencing 4th December

8th Dec 2017 |

Yesterday afternoon saw the hotly contested 314x Best Turned Out competition. Students were split into groups and had the pick of the yard to choose the best horse to groom and plait. With 45 minutes on the clock, it was all hands to the pump: feet were greased, quarter marks drawn and rollers assembled. At 3pm, the Main Yard became it very own Parade Ring; the anticipation was palpable. The three horses, Guising, Dixon’s One and Saborido, looked resplendent after their pruning – but there could only be one winner… After plaits were counted and docks checked, the judges reached their verdict. The winners were Aiden, Rose, Kellie and Zoe with Dixon’s One, receiving the grand prize of a tub of celebrations. Well done team!

Jack, Mason and Hunnie with Saborido.

Tristan, Courtney and Anya with Guising.

The winning team Aiden, Zoe, Rose and Kellie with Dixon One.


Following hot on the heels of the Best Turned Out competition was the keenly anticipated 314x Cook Off. The teams were given £5 and had to fathom a meal which would be judged by some of Newmarket’s best foodies… Everyone in attendance was delighted to be transported around the globe by the flavours on offer. Even one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets (apparently) was plated up. The delectable green mash: a concoction of mash and mushy peas – it tasted as good as it sounds… After tasting all the dishes the critics had decided. All will be revealed in Friday’s graduation.


Thursday also played host to one of our Horse Handling courses. The cohort left with a wealth of experience under their belts after taking part in practical demonstrations regarding catching a loose horse, handling horses under stress and what to do in the event of tack malfunctions. Mount Superior loved his role as star of the show, showing his youthful exuberance by running loose each time he was caught to replicate the scenarios the group would face in the workplace. We wish them luck in their jobs and hope they can put their training to good use.


Finally this week, we ran our latest Pre-Assessment day for the aspiring Apprentices and Conditions. The Racing Post published a great article about the fitness levels of jockeys and the rigorous regime we put in place on these days. It is much more than most people think. Check it out @ https://www.racingpost.com/news/in-depth/how-fit-do-you-have-to-be-to-be-a-jockey/310563