As a member of the stable staff you will be part of a hard working team and will provide the back bone of a trainers yard!

You will care and exercise 2 to 3 horses every day as well as normal yard duties such as mucking out, sweeping and tack cleaning.

You will start early in the morning and be out in all weathers, working some weekends and bank holidays. This is balanced by the huge rewards that you will experience, from working with top class thoroughbreds worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to leading your horse into the winners enclosure!

Stable staff may get to travel abroad with their horse and staff pool money ensures that you financially benefit from the wins that your yard produces.

You need to be hard working and enjoy being outdoors.

You do not need to have any experience of working with horses as attending the Level 2 Diploma course at The British Racing School will equip you with the skills you will need but if you want a riding role you will need to be under 9 st 7 lbs.

Racing is one of the few equestrian disciplines with a regulated pay structure and clear career path.

Salary rates are agreed by the National Association of Stable Staff (formerly SLA) and the National Trainers Federation (NTF). The salary is scaled so the more qualified you become and more experience you get, the better you are paid. Some staff may get accommodation and of course on top of that there is a share of the pooled prize money!

For more details on pay visit the British Horseracing Association Careers in Racing Website

Trainee Profile – Kate Phizacklea

Age: 22

Originates From: Cumbria

Employer: Dan Skelton

How did you get into racing?

I got into racing from a young age watching the races at my local track Cartmel, and then after discovering the British Racing School I found the opportunity for me to start my career. Between leaving school and starting at The BRS I had 3 part time jobs at the same time, I was breaking in horses and ponies at an equestrian centre, working in a tack shop and cleaning at a café so I was used to a busy lifestyle.
What training have you done?

I attended the British Racing School in April last year for 9 weeks and I’m now on an Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care with Dan Skelton Racing. Prior to that I had two weeks work experience at Rebecca Menzies in Yorkshire
What is your career goal?

My ultimate career goal would to become a Trainer and be good at it! But also since joining a yard and working in racing, I would love to get my amateurs licence and ride a few winners in point to points.
How does it feel to lead up a runner at Cheltenham?

Having a runner a Cheltenham is beyond anything I could have hoped for and I’m lucky enough to have two entries. Having watched the festival since I was a young child, it’s an absolute dream to be able to take my horses there and have an experience that not many people can have. I have to thank Dan Skelton for the opportunities I’ve had having only having worked for him for such a short time. He’s the best, I honestly don’t think there’s a better person to have as a boss.

Kate Phizacklea 002