You will be responsible for taking horses to race meetings all over the country and the role can often involve considerable travelling abroad.

You will be expected to supervise the regular lad who is travelling with the horse and you will have overall responsibility for the welfare of the horses ensuring that they are in peak condition when they arrive at the racecourse. You will be responsible for the passports and colours and may also have to represent the trainer, declaring, saddling and speaking to the jockey and owners.

You obviously need to love travelling , be hardworking, reliable and organised. You may need to be able to drive the horsebox and if so you will need to have a Certificate in Equine Transport which can be done at The British Racing School.

This role would suit somebody who has considerable experience as a Stable Lad or Lass in a racing yard.

Racing is one of the few equestrian disciplines with a regulated pay structure and clear career path.

Salary rates are agreed by the National Association of Stable Staff (formerly SLA) and the National Trainers Federation (NTF). The salary is scaled so the more qualified you become and more experience you get, the better you are paid. Travelling Head Lad or Lass will often get accommodation on, or near, the yard and you will get a share of the pooled prize money.

Leanne completed her Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care at The BRS in 1995 and went on to work for Racehorse Trainer Ian Balding, she had some success there as an Apprentice Jockey riding 7 winners. In 2001 she completed her Advanced Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care with The BRS and is now Traveling Head Person for Ian son, Andrew Balding.
As well as taking horses racing all over the UK, Leanne is a regular international traveler and takes the horses in her care racing all over the world, looking after them throughout the flight and seeing them settle into their new temporary surroundings away from home.
In recognition of her hard work, in 2014 Leanne won the prestigious title of Employee of the Year and was rewarded with £20,000 for herself and £20,000 to be shared among the other staff at Andrew Balding’s Yard.

Leanne Masterton