6 Month International Jockey Training Programme

From February 2018 the British Racing School will commence a 6 month International Jockey Training Programme. The course will cover:

  • Professional Sports Training
  • The Psychology of Sport
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Body Position
  • Professionalism in Sport

This course is designed to enhance the skills of jockeys riding in other countries, the riders will not be licensed to ride in the UK and will not have the right to work in the UK if they come from outside of the EU. This is advanced training and is only aimed at those with experience of racing in their own country.

Applicants should be under 57kg.

For more information contact diana.thomas@brs.org.uk


The objective

In pursuing this objective, we believe that jockey training can learn much from other sports and the significant progress that has been made by them in recent years.

We also believe that the application of science and technology can deliver real benefits to the quality of the training.

The British Racing School have many years experience in delivering bespoke training programmes to racing establishments worldwide including South Korea, South Africa, China, Japan, USA, Scandinavia, Poland, Norway, Germany and UAE.  We can offer a large range of services from residential programmes at The British Racing School to consultancy services on the development of international jockey academies and jockey training.


How we do it

We use subject matter experts from other sports to ensure that we access the very best expertise available and in doing so we are able to take advantage of progress being made in sports science and training.

We believe this cross-fertilisation of ideas, concepts and experience is a vital component in pushing the boundaries of our performance.  We are also alive to the opportunities presented by the use of new technology and science, especially in allowing us to measure performance and therefore the potential for improvement.  We have made huge strides in jockey training in recent years and we are committed to continuing this progress in the years ahead.

The British Racing School has over £1million of investment in state of the art equipment at our purpose built facility.  To learn more about our training facilities click here.

Who we use

We use the very best coaches in the UK to deliver different aspects of our training. Click here to learn more.

Your requirements

For more information on our International Jockey Training services please contact Duncan Gregory, Operations Director of The British Racing School on duncan@brs.org.uk or call +44 (0) 1638 675902