Have you ever felt you would like to learn a little about computers but don’t know who to ask? Maybe you would love to start crochet but find it too complicated. It may be that you love films and would enjoy talking to others about them. If so, then it would certainly be worth checking out the range of courses on offer.

In the new year we hope to offer fly-tying, holiday French and mindfulness, also how to fill in a tax return.

The British Racing School provides a quiet, pleasant environment ideal for learning. You will get the chance to meet others with the same interest and the classes will be kept small so that the tutor can give you optimum attention. Prices range from £25.50 to £42.50 and the classes range from 3-5 hours depending on what you choose. If you see something that takes your fancy then you can either phone directly on 01638 665103 or email

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Have you bought a new DSLR but not yet moved the dial from auto?  In this session we will explore the main buttons and dials and see what they do to your photographs. We will explore the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  Confused about the difference between autofocus and auto metering modes? Come along with your DSLR (or fancy compact camera) to have it all explained and take your camera out and put your new knowledge to the test.

Dates: 8th Dec, 3 hour session.

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £25.50pp


This a must-do workshop for anyone wanting to learn or enhance their knowledge in basic accounts and getting to grips with the latest version of SAGE. The workshop will help you learn how to manage your customer and suppliers details, process invoices, sales etc. We will go through practical step-by-step learning.

Dates: Please contact for details on 2019 course dates

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £25.50pp

Requirements: Laptops will be supplied for this course.


Do you long to write, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve started, but don’t know how to improve? You’re in the right place.

These sessions shed light not only on narrative, but on the whole creative process. The course will help you get those words from head to heart, and onto page or screen. The course is designed to stimulate creativity and get you into the habit of writing. You’ll be able to share your writing in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Above all, these sessions are for people who want to have fun, let their imagination fly, and see their writing soar.

Dates: 3rd Nov, 3 hour session.

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £25.50pp

Requirements: Nothing but your imagination! We will provide pens, paper and desktops if required.


This course will deal with the very basics of using a computer, it is designed for people who have either no knowledge or very little and would like to feel more confident with the basics, starting from switching on. Do not feel intimidated as you will be in a class with others who feel the exact same fear when faced with a task requiring a computer! You will learn about hardware, software, keyboard, mouse, desktop, structure of windows, word processing and health and safety.

Dates: 8th Dec, 3 hour session.

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £25.50pp

Requirements: Desktops will be available for the course.


The BRS provides a quiet and calm environment to practise crochet. In this beginners crochet session you will learn how best to hold the hook to suit you and from there practise various stitches including slip knots, starting chain, single crochet, double crochet and we will look at reading patterns and the differences between US and UK stitches and try changing colours for those feeling brave. The target is to start your first project! You will have notes to take away with you to practise in your own time and will have the knowledge to read and understand basic patterns.

Dates: 8th Dec, 3 hour session.

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £25.50pp

Requirements: Bring your own wool and 4mm or 4.5mm crochet hook. Please contact the BRS at least 2 weeks in advance if you would like to purchase at the lesson.

Hook: £1.50 Wool: £1.50/ball


Do you enjoy films, but wish you knew more about how they’re made? And would you like to share your insights about important films?

On this course you will have fun looking critically and creatively at the art and entertainment of film. Taking one film at a time, these sessions will build on your love and knowledge of film, and you’ll come to appreciate each film more fully. You’ll study how films are made and how to really ‘read’ them. You will gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of film, cinema and related media. But mostly, you’ll enjoy a better understanding of the films you watch at the cinema or on DVD!

Dates: 8th Dec, 5 hour session.

Start time: 9.30am

Cost: £42.50pp

Requirements: Nothing required. Viewing facilities are onsite.


This course is suitable for beginners or students with some knowledge of flower arranging.

This Saturday workshop will enable you to develop confidence, knowledge and basic floristry skills and to gain experience in working with flowers and foliage, to create wonderful designs.

You will be constructing three Autumn designs using seasonal flowers, a front facing linear design, posy pad design and small table centre posy. You will use a mixture of materials including garden & hedgerow foliage, corn or seed heads to enhance your designs.

You will develop skills on how to care & condition flowers & plant material. Construct designs following a step by step method and learn about correct scale and portion of designs.

 Party flower designs– 3rd November

  • 1st Design Small bunches of tied flowers in decorated jam jars or metal tins. We will decorate jam jars/tins with hessian, ribbon or raffia. Enough flowers to fill 2 jam jars ideally different sizes
  • Some examples:-
  • Bunch of sweet heart roses or any small roses
  • Bunch of Gypsophila & bunch of spray carnations
  • Or seasonal flowers of your choice.

Rectangular table centre design

  • Bunch of small headed roses or sweet heart roses (available Sainsbury’s or Waitrose)
  • 2 stems of gypsophila/wax flower or September
  • Selection of garden foliage some examples are box, conifer, hebe, vilburnum
  • Small piece of cellophane to cover sides of oasis,
  • 1 metre florist ribbon (polypropylene) 1 metre of webbed ribbon or any pretty ribbon
  • Pearl headed pins
  • Rectangle plastic tray
  • Block of oasis

Small all round posy

  • 5 stems of spray carnations
  • 2 stems of gypsophila
  • Selection of mixed garden foliage same as above
  • Small plastic dish & third block of oasis

Dates: 3rd Nov, 5 hour session.

Start time: 10am – 3pm

Cost: £42.50pp

Requirements: All sundries will be supplied by tutor at cost of £4.00 or you may bring your own



Are you super fit?

There is rare opportunity to be tested by the British Racing Schools professional Jockey fitness coach, can you score as highly as Tom Marquand, 100%? Maybe some healthy competition among you and your fitness buddies?

Have you ever thought you had the fitness level to be a jockey but it is not a career choice for you, how would you like to take a mini test followed by a boxing cardio class?

There is a limited number of places, book now!

This is being offered at a reduced fee of £10.00 per person.

Only selected dates through the year. Next session is on the 8th December 2018.

Can’t sleep, feeling stressed and anxious. Worries and emotions seem to bubble up and build over time, whether it’s relating to work, personal issues or so on. Feeling pain in your body? Your lower back maybe?  Headaches? Need breathing space.  Then this is for you! This course will allow you to invest some time in yourself to reconnect and invest in your well-being.

Only selected dates through the year. Next session will be in the New Year.

Please contact for more details and costs.

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