• Currently riding on the Pony Racing Circuit, aged between 14 – 15 years old.
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Tel +44(0)1638 665103

Please note that you can not book to attend this course, but if you feel you should be considered by the panel for a place then please feel free to send us your details.

Course Dates
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    • 06/08/2018

    An invitation only course for the 10 elite pony racing jockeys across the UK who have been handpicked as having the potential to succeed as a professional jockey. 

    This week is based on one of our Jockey Licence Courses and sees our Pony Racing Jockeys being put through their paces by all our top Jockey Coaches including:

    • Richard Perham – BRS Jockey Coach
    • Jon Pitts – Sports Scientist
    • Yogi Breisner – Schooling horses
    • Julia Scott-Douglass – Leading nutritionist
    • Lydia Hislop – Media Training

    This course would not be possible without the kind sponsorship of:

    Newmarket Equine Hosital

    JSC Sport – Johnno Spence Consulting Ltd

    Fitness is also a very big part of being a jockey and our Jockey Course fitness instructor will coach the young jockeys through the week to help them put together a fitness programme of their own.