• Aged between 16 and 22
  • A keen interest to potentially pursue a career in racing
  • Physically fit
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    • 26/11/2018
    • 14/01/2019

    Is working in racing for you?


    If you are unsure whether a career in racing is for you, then why not try it out first? During the FREE fully residential week spent here at the BRS, you will get to experience the buzz of race day, the excitement of sales, as well as the thrill of the ride on a racehorse. You will experience the day to day lifestyle of a member of stable staff: waking early to tend to the horse, ride them out and come back later in the day for Evening Stables. As well as all that, you will receive sessions on all things horse and all things racing to give you the best exposure as possible to the industry. The course aims to educate you not only on the day to day life of stable staff but also the different avenues which are open to people wishing to work in racing: be it working in stud, working on the racecourse and many more.


    Next courses:

    • 10th September 2018 – 14th September 2018
    • 26th November 2018 – 30th November 2018
    • 14th January 2019 – 18th January 2018

    Future Options?


    We hope that you enjoy the week and wish to work in racing as a result. This course can lead to you attaining a place on our Level 2 Apprenticeship programme, beginning with a 9 or 14 week Foundation Course here at the BRS. This course leads to guaranteed employment within racing.

    There is no charge to attend this course. Please be aware that spaces are limited.

    To apply for the Introduction to Racing Course please download the form below, complete and send to


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