First Ground Based Yard Staff Course a Success

20th Apr 2016 | News

To try and assist further than we already do with recruiting staff to the racing industry we recently launched a Ground Based Yard Staff course open to anyone.

This course didn’t involve riding and had no funding, age, prior qualifications or weight restrictions. The 10 trainees from the course who Graduated on Friday 15th April following a 6 week stint with us in Newmarket have all got jobs to start within the next 2 weeks.

Five of these are young people on an Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care but the remainder are older people who came into racing for a career change. One man had worked for an insurance company for 35 years, one was a postman, another had been a marine engineer, they came from a variety of backgrounds but the common factor was a passion for racing. Prior to finding this course, they all thought they had ‘missed the boat’ with regards to a career in the industry and were thrilled to find that this wasn’t the case.

Final details are being put in place this week before they start their new jobs in yards dotted all over England and all the Trainees are excited to become part of the team at a racing yard. While they were at The BRS they got plenty of experience with horse handling and mucking out but beyond this they had sessions with a sea walker, a treadmill and a swimming pool along with tractor driving, box driving and first aid lessons. Following the success of this course another one is planned for June 2016 and applications are invited from those with no (or limited) experience of horses but who are committed to working in a racing yard for the long term.

For more details on how to apply please contact or call 01638 675905.