Help us Raise for Rory

13th Nov 2018 | News

In 2016 The British Racing School launched the Rory MacDonald Memorial Fund to raise money to assist those from disadvantaged families access horseracing.


It is now over 3 years since the very sudden and unexpected passing of Rory MacDonald OBE, and he is still very much missed in the BRS community.  His 22 years as Chief Executive of the British Racing School saw many changes in the industry; primarily the training of youngsters to enter the industry, and his passion and drive “to be better tomorrow than we are today” was key in instrumenting many of the developments in training provided.


Rory was very much a believer that the industry should be accessible to anybody who was willing to work hard, regardless or experience and background, which is why the BRS have launched the Memorial Fund in his honour.  Any money raised for this Memorial Fund will go directly to give the opportunity to train at the BRS to those who simply would not be able to without financial assistance.


The aim of the fund was to raise £150,000 and with generous donations this has been reached but now we want to raise more, to help more.

In 2017 the BRS Staff cycled 7 Racecourses in 7 Days, travelling from Musselburgh Racecourse and concluding at Newmarket Racecourse. This generated awareness and more generous contributions, however they can’t stop there.  The BRS Staff are always up for a challenge so now we’re asking for your help… what can they do next that you’d be willing to sponsor them for?  Do you know a big event they could take part in or perhaps there’s a challenge you’d like to do to help raise money?


If you have any ideas, please email them to


Thank you!