Polish Jockey Training

16th Apr 2015 | News

Earlier this month The BRS were delighted to welcome 11 Polish Jockeys to their base in Newmarket England for an intensive 5 day training course.


The aim of the course was to help each individual jockey prepare for their forthcoming season and build their skills as a jockey.  The residential course included daily riding sessions, all of which were filmed, covered analysis of the body position during galloping, pace awareness exercises, practical sessions jumping horses from the starting stalls and an introduction to jumping horses at speed (with the more experienced riders riding over race hurdles). All of this training was succeeded by video analysis in the classroom.

Away from the ex-racehorses the riders experienced fall training on the Equichute, a fall simulators which is designed to help the riders fall in a safer way. There was also plenty of simulator training which went down well and Senior Jockey Coach Richard Perham was impressed at the effort that was put into the training and also the technical skills that the riders possessed, “There was a variation of experience with one of the riders who had only previously ridden in 3 races to one who had ridden in over 500 races, but all of the group worked well together and I feel that we reached many of the goals that we set at the beginning of the week, and I feel the group really befitted from the side on video footage that that was taken both outside on real horses and also in the simulator room”.

The training wasn’t just about simulators and the riders also accomplished a lot in the gym with wobble cushions, balance boards and other equipment to help with balance, coordination and strength. Evening one may have proved as a bit of a shock as they all took part in the Jockeys fitness test. The results of this will have given them a good idea of where they are with their current fitness and what needs to be worked on for the future.


The last morning of the course and the day that they jetted back to Warsaw they all rode out for trainers in Newmarket to give them the opportunity to experience the  unique training grounds. The BRS are extremely grateful to the trainers who were able to accommodate the riders on a one off basis.