Talent plus training should equal success!

27th Jul 2015 | News

From 20th – 25th July 2015 The British Racing School hosted the Advanced Pony Racing Jockey Training week for the 5th successive year and once again the week was a fantastic success with profound levels of talent.

The invitation only course welcomed the top 10 pony racing jockeys in the UK for some intensive training with Senior Jockey Coach, Richard Perham as well as training with Olympic Coach Yogi Breisner, ex-jump jockey Steve Smith Eccles, Sports Scientist Jon Pitts, RUK Presenter Lydia Hislop and nationally recognized nutritionist, Julia Scott Douglas.


The 10 candidates had been handpicked by The BRS as having the potential to succeed as professional jockeys when they graduate from pony racing at the age of 16, and throughout the week they all demonstrated how they were well on the way to making this step. However an evening with Michael Hills was an eye-opener to them all about how tough it is to make it as a jockey and that they need to realise they will be embarking on a career as a professional athlete. They conducted themselves in a mature and dedicated way and took everything on board to give themselves the advantage for the transition to senior level racing. That said, they do already come with a wealth of experience, for example Josh Bryan, cousin to Champion Conditional Sean Bowen, has ridden 7 winners from 9 rides in 2015 alone, with the 2 that didn’t win finishing 2nd!

As the week drew to a conclusion Richard Perham said of the 10 elite jockeys “they have all worked hard this week, they have shown a real grit and determination for success, conducted themselves in a professional manner and I think we may have a future champion amongst the 10”.

The week was run under an intense schedule but they were allowed some respite from the simulator work, fitness training and lectures to enjoy an evening at Newmarket Racecourse, although even there they had to put into practice their earlier media training with Lydia Hislop when they managed to secure a live interview with Derek Thompson in the paddock; the first of many for all of them we’re sure.

To conclude the course two awards were presented at the graduation ceremony to acknowledge the hard work that had taken place during the week. After much deliberation the Most Promising Jockey went to William Carver and the Outstanding Performance was awarded to Bruce Lynn. Both jockeys will have an evening on At The Races with Jason Weaver and Luke Harvey, plus enjoy a week’s work experience with Andrew Balding and Champion Trainer Paul Nicholls respectively.