Twice as Fast… we can’t wait to find out!

27th Nov 2018 | News

We’re pleased to welcome Doppio Movimento, or translated to English, twice as fast, to our Pony Racing team today.


Muppet, as she is affectionately known as by her owner Harriet Bryce, and current loan home the Barrett-Atkin family, joins Along Came Belle as BRS Racing Ponies to be used for training provision and crucially the Pony Racing Academy.


At 17 years old she comes with a wealth of experience and is currently sitting on 49 wins. She has most recently been raced by Nick Barrett-Atkin but her list of precious pony racing jockeys include Gina, Bridget and Jack Andrews, and could be described as a ‘legend’ in the Eastern Region.


Let’s hope our next group of Pony Racing Academy riders can take her over the half century for wins.



Photograph by Dennis Penny