Yard Based Training Returns to the BRS

20th Sep 2017 | News, Uncategorized

We are delighted to announce that we are once again geared up for Yard Based Training.



This is delivered at your yard and can be tailored to suit your training requirements. It provides a fantastic opportunity to improve and enhance the riding ability of all yard staff and work riders.


The training is primarily delivered by our Senior Jockey Coach, Richard Perham, in his absence a member of BRS staff will be provided to carry out the training required. We can cover a range of training options from improving basic body position, riding work, advanced riding work, schooling and stalls training.


The training commences with riding out sessions filmed followed by remedial work on the simulator tailored to improve each individual. The training is provided FREE of charge and is available to any licensed trainer. This has already been utilised by several trainers including Andrew and Anna Lisa Balding who said:


“’This is a fantastic opportunity for all the staff in the yard to have a quick one to one tuition with the well trained jockey coaches. This is especially important for the work riders rather than jockeys as once they are settled in a yard, tuition at the racing school is hard to fit in but this quick fix is excellent. For all the riders that were lucky enough to receive the training, the improvement in style, shape and strength was instantly recognised and confidence within some of the newer riders very much improved. We look forward to welcome them back sometime soon we hope!!”


For more information or to download a booking form please visit:


or email Di.Farrell-Thomas@brs.org.uk